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2020 Goals, Achievements and Resolutions

Sorry I have been rather quiet on the whole blog front, but I am back and ready for a new year. Along with a new shiny laptop which I am fully enjoying blogging on. As I’m sure we have all suffered with slow laptops in the past which really put you off using them.

2019 was a bit of a wash out for riding so this is something I really want to enjoy and have fun with. The goal is to get both me and Conner back into full work and back out doing what we enjoy and love, which is jumping. Not only jumping but both our confidence back to where it was before our accident. If I’m honest I don’t think it has fazed Con, well hopefully not but I won’t lie, it has me.

This leads me on to a new year resolution which is to only do things that make me happy, things that don’t stress me out and things that boost my confidence as this year is a year, I aim to bring back the fun and enjoyment as that’s what it should all be about right?

I want to be more sustainable this year, more so than last year. Honest Riders sustainable challenge really kicked me into action with this last year. I always have a reusable water bottle and travel hot drinks mug with me, I have many to be honest which I think more the merrier as that way I’m not using single use plastics. I still use a bamboo tooth brush and was recently given a Bluetooth speaker for Christmas which is made out of fully recycled materials.

On that note, I have made a small change to help with Equine sustainability. This being in the form of bedding for Mr C. Burly Bed a new bedding, the reason I have changed to this bedding rather than my old bedding is that the packaging is 100% recyclable which I think is amazing. It is also bio-degradable which makes our life easier when rotting down on our muck heap, it is also lovely to muck out and doesn’t get to wet as Con is dirty young man.

Getting back into shape is an achievement I want to tick off the list. The last 6 months I have enjoyed eating whatever, not doing as much exercise as I would have before and now I’m paying the price. So new trainers have been bought, Fit Bit bought now to get out running again and building my core strength and leg strength. As lovely as riding most days over Christmas was, my legs disagreed even more so when I got back into my dressage saddle. I have recently been attending a Bounce Yeovil and Sherbone fitness class which I am really enjoying.

One thing I most certainly want to do a lot more of is relaxing! After recently been gifted a stay at Dimpsey Glamping, which was the most incredible chilling experience to just switch off and unwind. I have learnt it is important to unwind every once and a while, classical music is also a new love of mine too. On the topic of relaxation I have even got a full body massage lined up to help kick start this.

Lastly I am not going to take life to seriously and myself for that matter when I don’t need to. I am just carrying on being me and if people don’t like it then do you know what, I am not bothered about them in my life.


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