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Hello Hello I am sorry I haven’t been on for a while but what a year it has been. Having been furloughed I did have a lot more time on my hands but thank god I was able to get back to work in the end and back out competing. so I had a little break from blogging to get back into what we are calling “normal” life.

I hope you are all well and enjoying being able to get back out with your horses again whether that is competing or training now after lockdown.2. I know Con certainly is, we had a busy first weekend back last week but what a weekend it was. We had the BRC Arena Eventing National Qualifiers at Bicton Arena on the Saturday then the Novice Winter Dressage on the Sunday at KSEC.

i think this photo says it all! ( photo bought as a print from ESP photography this is free media use photo)

If you had said to me last year your first competition back jumping after our accident your qualifier for Nationals id of laughed in your face…. But I am still on cloud nine about it. Con is back and this time he really does feel better than ever! After a lot of blood sweat and tear and two new bits we are both feeling amazing. Coming home from the weekend with a 1st and induvial National Qualification, 5th and a team 6th in a very big dressage competitive classes I am pretty chuffed.

Having had Charlotte Warman Biting Solutions out, Con now has two new bits for jumping and dressage. After trying loads with him and being able to feel the difference, he is in a Neue Schule Turtle Tactio Pelham for jumping and the same mouth piece only a loose ring for dressage. The results showed up more so in our dressage as scores have increased by 10% which I a am delighted about, but the weekend just showed I have better control with him within his jumping too.

All in all 2020 has been a very odd and not the best year for everyone but it what you make it, I been able to do thing I thought I wouldn’t due to time, being furloughed allowed me to blog more and spend more time with Con and to slow down in everyday life, which I’m sure we all struggle to do. I have ticked a few things off the list as to what I wanted to buy or have done such as his biting and a lovely new made to measure bridle by TC Leatherwork , ready for 2021 competition year.

Gem x


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