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Being proud to buy British and why it is worth that bit little extra

I am lucky enough to work with some brands, which have all their products manufactured here `in the UK. This does sometimes make them more expensive than other companies which are not made in the UK but is there a price on quality? Buy cheap buy twice springs to mind with me sometimes.

I asked a handful of different companies who I have bought from, that all sell completely different things made in the UK, a few questions about why they choose to have their products made in the UK, and how it effects the prices of their products. I have also asked why some companies love making British products.

3 Donkeys Clothing Ltd Amanda said “Actually meeting the manufacturer face to face in 1 day to sort out any issues or developing product” Having a face to face conversation, if manufactured overseas would result in a lot of travelling, not only that, it would increase air miles of shipping of products. 3 Donkeys sell ladies 2-piece coveralls and are made in Scotland, the quality of them is brilliant. I have two different pairs and I love them because they are durable and I have had my classic part for over an year, which I wear most weekends with no wear in them as yet.

Touch of Tweed James and Katherine said” You can be at the factory in hours not days, we can visit to be sure on quality and working standards” checking working standards are important and this also has a factor of cost too as It means that factory workers are being paid minimal wage if not more and the quality of the factory they are working in. Touch of Tweed sell unique ladies and men’s jumpers made in Sheffield Hall and will soon have a few accessories manufactured in Somerset local to both of us. The jumpers are beautiful, and you can see the time and effort which has been put into them.

Fruitbat Textiles Charlotte “I love making products in the UK because I am proud to be British, I mostly source my yarn from UK businesses to help support others who are also keeping our manufacturing heritage alive”. Keeping our British economy going is so important even more so now. Charlotte is based in Somerset weaving her own range of scarves, wraps, snoods, men’s caps and so much more, she is an incredible talented woman, I have been lucky enough to watch her work and it is a joy to watch. She uses British lambs wool which she then dies herself to create the different vibrant gorgeous colours

Emily Cole illustrations Emily “I’ve been able to visit my manufacturers in person and either at their factories or at trade shows, I have also had them visit my stand at Burghley” Another person who really appreciates meeting the manufacturers in person. I would imagine this is important to make sure Emily’s illustrations are how she wants them. Some of her products are made scattered about the country such as Lincolnshire and down the south closer to me. Emily sells a lovely range of aprons, calendars, tea towels and gorgeous prints in her amazing different equestrian humoured illustrations.

Doris and Co Emma “I purchased Doris from another lady a few years ago and Doris was already being made in the UK. I had purchased mugs from her specifically because they were made in the UK” Doris mugs are made in the last remaining potteries in Stoke on Trent in the old fashioned way with moulds and hand laid decals rather than printed. This is an expensive way of doing them but they are made from creamware which takes a few good knocks. I feel they are so worth the price due to the hand laid mottos written on them, they are made of sturdy stuff ( currently sat here drinking out my Hold Fast Doris mug whilst I write this) they make you enjoy your cup of coffee or tea that bit more. Doris has a wide range of gorgeous mugs, teapots ands jug with a different selection of mottos.

Its clear that meeting the manufacturer is important and helping with our own economy in the UK is a key point and I could not agree more. Knowing the names of the workers who have made your product or have watched the processes of your product coming together to the finish product is so special! I think so as I was lucky enough to watch Charlotte from Fruitbat make my material for my hair band and that’s what inspires me to want to support our British bands and they are most likely to be a small business as I’ve seen first hand the time and effort that goes into the products as well as the care and quality.

So when your thinking of buying UK made products and the price is a bit more just bear this all in mind.


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