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Hooves And Love "You Had Me At Neigh"

The Neigh Gift Box Collection

Hooves and Love have exciting new gift boxes for all ages. The new slogan jumper “You Had Me At Neigh” is super comfy, I have been lucky to be trying and testing it out. It is perfect to be worn with anything, jodhpurs, jeans and even to the pub. The new collection is designed in mind for both you and your little one whether that be sister, daughter, niece , God daughter or son. So that you can be matching In your twinning jumpers. There are 3 different gift boxes you can choose from, some have added extras or different coloured slogans.

The Neigh Gift Box Child

In this gift box it consists of the child’s jumper ranging in sizes 3-4 all the way up to 12-13 years old, an added little extra to this box Is the option to add a Hooves And Love key ring, which is a lovely horse head with the,” Where There Are Hooves There Is Love” phrase.

The Neigh Gift Box Adult

The adult gift box gives you the option to have the writing in a different style. You can choose between silver sparkle writing or matte silver writing depending on if you like sparkles or not. I’m not a sparkly fan but I have the sparkle version and its not to in your face. The jumper comes in a range of sizes from x-small to xx- large, I have a small and I’m a size 10 if that helps with size judgement.

The Twinning Gift Box

Who doesn’t appreciate a bit of matchy matchy, if it not with your horses, why not be with your child or sister, as I said earlier and close little ones to you. There is a special bond between mother and daughter/son and I feel Emma has captured this beautifully with this range. They are for boys too so you could be twinning with your son. Such a lovely way to come together.

You can find all theses gorgeous gift boxes over at Hooves and Love ..


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