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Welcome to Gem Eventing!

I am very new to blogging so please bear with me.. This is my first blog so I bet your all thinking who is she? What's her horse like? What do they do? Fear not I will explain all!

So I am Gemma Gilbert aka @gemeventing I am 20, have a normal full time job as a engineer (yes non horsey job, shock), have been riding for over 14 year's,12 Year’s on I now own my first horse and which was a huge achievement at the age of 18 which I funded all myself.

Conner is a 9 year old skewbald tobiano gelding, with stunning two blue eyes. The 18 months I have had him it has been a roller coaster and half! At the beginning of this year Conner had a double hock operation to remove the loose cartilage which had been causing him problems for many of unknown year's, He is now all finally fixed. YAY! 

Our aims and goals; - A full season of unaffiliated eventing at 80cm, before going big and affiliated BE - Aim to improve our dressage as to me it's more scary than the huge cross country fences - Dream goal Mitsubishi Grassroots at Badminton!

So that's me and Con, stay active and follow us on Instagram and twitter head to @gemeventing to follow our progress!!


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