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Dimpsey Glamping Clutch bags

Dimpsey Glamping is a gorgeous shepherds hut retreat, located in the most beautiful surroundings in Somerset. I have been lucky enough to stay in the Yonder hut and wow it was magical, such a peaceful place to rewind and reflect as well as rediscover. The Shepard huts are also made here in Somerset by the incredible Black Down Shepard Huts. I have also been lucky enough to have had a guided tour round their workshop, where every hut is made from scratch. Let’s just say from an engineering background of work I was in my element watching all the processes of manufacture.

However, what I wanted to talk to you about is the new Dimpsey Yonder and Hither Clutch bags. Again, there is a theme they are also made in Somerset by Owen Barry. I am a huge fan of supporting small businesses as well as local businesses so this I a piece of heaven for me, having all these different wonderful businesses coming together to bring us the most gorgeous bags.

The Bags come in two colours, for me these colours are a great way to reflect each hut, Yonder has a teal feel with some of the interior designs, where as Hither is more of a Rose gold feel. I especially love the design of the bags as they have a lovely feature to keep your jewellery secure, as well as the pocket for them to sit in. A perfect example of this is when I went to a small local beach, the other week and had all my lovely Hiho Silver jewellery on ,which I did not want to get covered in salt water. I was able take my jewellery off and pop it in my clutch bag and not worry that it would fall out or the thought of losing any of my rings which I had on. The popper system is fabulous as you can keep your rings for example all together clipped in, rather than in my purse like I would have done before having the bag.

The bags make great travel bags too, for any occasion, I can not only just fit my makeup, hand cream, lip balms but even my small tripod in there too, they are so roomy. They could even be used as a smart pencil case, or like I said early its perfect for jewellery. I did a ITGV over on my Instagram @gemeventing where I did a unboxing and showed you all round and in the bag.

Here is the link to watch the IGVT :

The Bags are perfect for everyday and traveling around especially as officially as of 4th of July Dimpsey Glamping is open as well as other hotels, camp sites, pubs are opening their doors not forgetting staying over one other households house. For me it is a girl’s best friend as it keeps all my essentials together all in one place and securely too.

Clutch bags can be found over on Dimpsey Glamping website :


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