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My Top 5 Winter Yard Essentials

I thought id share with you my top 5 things that help me on the yard throughout the winter months. As we all know they are the hardest months of owning a horse. I have also shared where you can get some products from. Yes most of them come in purple also.

1. 3 Donkeys clothing Coveralls

There is nothing worse than dirty, mud splattered work clothes and jodhpurs. On the dry days I tend to wear a pair of classic coveralls to keep myself clean whilst doing yard jobs, also stops me getting hay in my wellies too. On wet days I am lucky to be able to do yard jobs and ride in my Dartmoors. I can also fit my back protector underneath them which is perfect for a soggy hack.

2. A yard squeegee from Dub’l-lif

The perfect product for a tidy yard, come rain or shine. Ideal for scraping the yard of hay, muck and mud. We tend to get a lot of water that can sit on the yard when it rains or washing so this is perfect for moving it along. I also use it in my stable it is perfect on the rubber mats getting Cons bedding back into the perfect straight line of bedding.

3.The ultimate boot jack from Dub’l-lif

Anyone else been that person having their leg pulled off to get a welly or a boot off? This is a game changer for any yard as not only will you be able to take off your boots you can clean them also. The brushes are brilliant at getting all the mud off the bottom and side of your boots as we all know British weather and how muddy our fields can get.

4. A good big sturdy wheel barrow

I was lucky enough to win a OXwheelbarrow in a Christmas Giveaway. I have the 200L double wheeled wheelbarrow and it perfect for a big yard of lots of horses to skip out. We help each other on my yard so it’s a real game changer when mucking out 5 horse. I managed to fit all 5 stables of muck in it. Lots less trips to the muckheap and when taking hay out to the field less millage to walk if short on time in the mornings or evenings.

5. Hay net holder

Lastly is a hay net holder, we all know what a faff holding haynets can be when filling them up. I like to get organised so tend to fill all mine at once. This is something we made 3 years a go and was easy to make with some wood and some hooks. I am sure you can probably buy them. we thought we would get creative to save time and the hassle of haynet filling.


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