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5 ways to wear Touch of Tweeds Lady’s Jumper.

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

For those who haven’t heard of Touch of Tweed before, they are a local company to me. Catherine and James, the Company owners juggle their fulltime day jobs as well as Touch of Tweed, which is pretty remarkable. They are both very passionate about their business and you can really tell their love for country and the coast, which the jumper is so perfect for. I was lucky enough to catch up with both of them over the most delicious curry and was kindly gifted a lady’s jumper.

Jumper is available to order from

So I thought I would write a blog about how I would style it and what sort of things you could wear it with from morning to evening.

Style number one

We all love lazy mornings even if it is after a morning muck out in the winter. So, this outfit is perfect for a lazy day and cosy evenings especially with autumn and winter around the corner. I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves putting on their pjs and snuggle up watching a film with a good cup of tea. You can really embrace lazy mornings and cosy evenings watching tv all snuggled up in the soft jumper.

PJ bottoms- Jack Wills

Style number two

The classic jeans and jumper combo which you really can’t go wrong with. Come rain or shine jeans pair up with the jumper. The joys of the neutral cream colour means you can pull off any shade of denim and any style of jeans. Sometimes I find, when you have a dark jumper and a dark pair of jeans it just doesn’t give you the glow you want so the jumper is great for this. Perfect outfit for long walks round the countryside or perfect pub attire, you can wear it tucked in or out depending on how your feeling. Perfect outfit for the cooler days coming. it also goes well with the collar tucked out of your coat.

Both jeans- Top Shop

Belt - Mackenzie and George.

Boat shoes -Chatham

Sunglasses - Rayban

Sandal shoes – Tesco’s

Coat- Shires Equestrian

Style number 3

Dress and jumper days where the sun is out but the wind adds a slight chill. Perfect for a pull over for the evening also, especially if down by the coast the sea breeze can give off a great chill. The splash of colour from the gorgeous two colours of the teal and grey you match to your dress, the joys of all the lovely colours of the jumper you can petty much wear it with any colour and it won’t clash.

Shoes- Fairfax and Favor explores.

Dress- Jack Murphy

Style number 4

Skirts, even if winter is a couple months away, I am not going mad honest. I love wearing skirts in the winter also as well as the summer. Denim, cord or patterned it goes with anything. This is perfect for casual afternoon tea or lunch or date night too, especially with the button up collar, you can be as cosy as you want. You can wear it tucked in or out it suits either way.

Burgundy skirt- Asos

Tweed skirt- Tkmax

Belt- Mackenzie and George

Shoes- Orcabay Deck shoes & Fairfax and Favor

Style number 5

Jumper and jodhpurs, a fashion style which I rock mostly. As I am an equestrian myself. I live in jodhpurs so I love having a nice jumper to wear in the cooler mornings for riding or round the yard as well as the cooler evenings. The pocket is super helpful to put things in when you are getting on or doing things such as your gloves.


Accessories can add sparkle as well as being very productive. such as a watch and belt, as without them you could get a bit caught out if you know what I mean. Hiho Silver create the most gorgeous jewellery not just designed to equestrians these are just my go to selection.

Both belts by Mackenzie and George

Jewellery (some gifted) by Hiho Silver

Watch by Morris Richardson .

Thank you for reading, id love to hear thoughts both on the styles and the Touch of Tweed jumper its self, leave me a comment or message over on my instagram



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