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How to style the signature sky blue t-shirt from Sprawling and Osborne

I have been kindly #gifted this gorgeous sky-blue t-shirt, to show you all how I would personally style it. I know people’s styles can be different so this might not be how you would style it, but here are 8 styles to give you some inspiration. This tee is special as it is made from GOTS certified organic cotton, for those of you who do not know what that it is. It stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard; this makes sure that all stages of making the garment from harvesting to manufacturing is environmentally friendly. I feel this is quite important to me being as eco friendly as possible as we all need to do our bit when buying clothing especially.

I have styled it a in different ways which I think suits the best for a great British summer. Some are real summery vibes to then cooler days and for those showery days but keeping it country. I have also shared how I have styled it with different accessories from a handful of my favourite brands. All jewellery used is from the wonderful Hiho Silver. I have also added where other clothing is from if you wanted to shop for that look, hope you enjoy.

Outfit 1

Joules trousers

Mackenzie and George Chatsworth belt

Fruitbat Textiles purple hairband

Orcabay tan deck shoes

Outfit 2

Zara jean shorts

TC leather works belt

Joules sliders

Outfit 3

Topshop black jean skirt

Mackenzie and George Ledbury skinny belt

Fairfax and Favour Regina’s with sky blue tassels

Outfit 4

Topshop black jean skirt

Mackenzie and George Ledbury skinny belt & camel fedora

Tweed Waterproof coat

Orca bay Deck shoes

Outfit 5

Pull in Bear jeans

Mackenzie and George Belton belt

Chatham purple and blue deck shoes

Waring Brooke lilac hairband

Outfit 6

Asos Chino shorts

Mackenzie and George Clifton Cinch belt & olive fedora

Orca Bay deck shoes

Outfit 7

Topshop Mum jeans

TC Leatherwork belt

Vans sky-blue old schools

Outfit 8

Derby House beige jodhpurs

Mackenzie and George Belton belt

Cool horse unicorn socks

Orca bay deck shoes

I hope these styles have given you some ideas how you would style your Sprawling and Osborne Sky Blue T-shirt and you have enjoyed this style theme blog.

Gem x


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