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The competition season to come..

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

I have some what neglected you all.. sorry about that. However I have lots to share about my plans for 2018.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail..

Training is very important as much as going out and winging it has been(many of time). To be the best you can I find practice really does make perfect. As I found out with my show jumping, maybe not perfect but 85% better and in doing so my riding club show jumping team have qualified for the winter national British Riding club championships in April which is super exciting!

I have also been working on my arena eventing, lots of arena xc practice, had a amazing Lesson with Sam Griffiths in January.So very excited to finally soon be back on the grass jumping some meaty xc fences. Con was truly a machine at our last event, our double clear felt incredible however we were 52 seconds faster than the optimum time.. whoops.

Dressage I have not had so much training recently but had a solid block before Christmas of pure flat which really helped. I know my scores improvements won’t be an over night thing so plan to train more on the dressage front in the following months now that I have hopefully nailed sj and xc.

For the following season I now have some matchy matchy goals custom xc colours from the lovely Stockinjur I finally braved it and changed my Point Two Air Jacket to purple, and my purple Gatehouse HS1 it’s like I’ve died and gone to purple heaven.

Exciting new announcements

Not to mention my amazing eGlove gloves which Im so lucky to now be a brand ambassador for. So have a lovely range of Equest grip pro gloves to wear throughout the year. Head to and get your own pair! Want more information on them see my previous blog post.

I am now honoured to be sponsored by Muddy-Footprints. They have a great range of clothing for both men and women and cater for your four legged friend big or small. So will have a lovely range of non horsey clothes and great competition wear to share with you all throughout the year. Can all be found ->

Be sure to follow me and Con throughout the year to see our progress and competition results. Do head over and check it both eGlove and Muddy-Footprints!

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